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"Nick" is our number one guy.  Dr. Kathy found him in a ditch near her home just before Christmas 2004.  He was her housecat for about 3 years before he decided he wanted to be an outside cat.  Within 3 weeks he had a fractured tail and a fractured back leg.

Dr. Kathy then had to amputate his tail due to nerve damage and had to pin his leg back together.  After healing from this he decided to be a clinic cat.

Two years later in January he got outside and rode off on someones truck engine.  After being gone for 2 weeks in below zero temperatures his little "GPS" took him back to Dr. Kathy's house.  He had a large burn on his abdomen and all his pads were burned off -- from engine heat then frostbite.  Dr. Kathy changed bandages on him for about 6 weeks until he healed.

He loves attention and will give you a massage while you wait.

  "PK" is our spooky one.  She was brought in by a gas company worker in 2006 who found her on the porch of an abandoned house.  She was heavily pregnant and paraylzed in the back end.  Unfortunately her kittens did not make it, Dr. Kathy had to perform a caesarian section.  She then nursed her back to health as she slowly regained partial use of her hind legs.  She does pretty good as long as she doesn't get scared but she still cannot climb over a foot off the ground.

Don't feel bad about her not letting you pet her!  She has to be in a really good mood to let ANYONE pet her--even the staff.

"Bella", "the Princess", was found under the dumpster behind the clinic in 2008 as a kitten.  For two years she lived the life of luxury as Dr. Kathy and Dr. Randy's son had her at his apartment while in school at Kansas State.  Unfortunately, she didn't hide very well and was evicted by the landlord.  Since then her permanent residence is on the front counter.

Be careful if you pet her!  She will only take so much before she will swat at you or take a nip at your hand.  She is definitely a diva.

THIS ---->https://adrianvet.com/about-us/meet-our-team/clinic-greeters.html

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I consider myself very blessed to have a caring and knowledgeable team like Randy and Kathy looking out for my animals. Thank you guys for all you do!

Kate H.
Adrian, MO

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